GreaterGood is headed to Cambodia and Thailand

Allison Wexler, October 30, 2013

On Thursday, I embark upon an amazing journey. I am bringing a team of people from and to Thailand and Cambodia to visit some of the projects our donors have generously funded.

Rescued ElephantsWe’ll be visiting Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary to see the construction of a bull elephant enclosure. This 50 acre enclosure will serve as a temporary holding area for rescued Asian bull elephants as we integrate them into the general elephant population within the million acre sanctuary. This project was a huge endeavor and we are so very proud to say it has been fully funded by GreaterGood, TheAnimalRescueSite and TheRainforestSite.

We’ll be staying in the Sanctuary’s volunteer quarters and tour the Sanctuary with elephant expert and champion, Darrick Thomson, who has worked tirelessly on this project for several years. It will be a thrill to meet and learn from such a prominent member of Southeast Asia’s animal welfare community. We’ll be sure to take many pictures and shoot video of this amazing place and post the images and stories of our experience to share with all of you.

Next, we’re off to Buriram, Thailand to see two brand new GreaterGood animal shelters funded in full by an incredible team effort between GreaterGood/AnimalRescueSite and Soi Dog Foundation donors.  Each shelter will care for 500 dogs rescued from the illegal meat trade. We’re all really excited to see these dogs that have survived an unthinkable ordeal, now living comfortably and safely in our shelters.

We’ll continue on with Soi Dog to Phuket, one of the most beautiful beach destinations on the planet. But we’re not headed for the sandy shores! Just inland a bit is where Soi Dog’s main shelter is located. We’ll spend time volunteering there, caring for the dogs and cats as well as visit their mobile clinics and learn more about Pagoda-a Soi Dog shelter residentthe work they are doing to help the street dogs of Thailand.

Our trip will culminate with the members of our team becoming “flight volunteers” to bring dogs back to the United States with us to their new homes. Six lucky dogs have been adopted and their new human companions will meet us at the airport when we arrive with their new best friends.

Here’s a sneak peek at George who will be flying back to Seattle with us.

George’s new family can’t wait to meet him. He will have a canine sister named Blossom. The two dogs will go on runs together with their “mom” who says George and Blossom will get to snuggle with her every night. George’s adopter is hoping George will be interested in training to be a therapy dog to visit children in the hospital where she works. Congratulations to George and his new family!

Check back regularly to virtually join the GreaterGood team on this adventure.


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