600 Reservation Dogs Saved

We are thrilled to report that and The Animal Rescue Site donors have saved the lives of at least 600 dogs on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in under two weeks.

We recently received word from our partner, Lakota Animal Care Project, that the policy of rounding up and shooting dogs on the Reservation was to be reinstated unless funds could be raised to implement a more humane alternative. We appealed to our donors, and in under two weeks, we raised enough money to convince the trible government to call off the roundup. The Petfinder Foundation matched a portion of the funds to help us meet our goal. In addition to being spared, these 600 dogs will also be vaccinated and relocated to shelters where they will be made available for adoption.

thecla 040We received this note from Lakota Animal Care Project:

At a meeting today which took place at the Oglala Sioux (Lakota) Housing (OSLH) offices in which representatives of OSLH, the President’s Office, Lakota Animal Care Project, and Tribal Animal Control participated, it was decided that all parties would work together to implement a humane solution to the dog over–population problem on the Reservation through

  1. increased relocation of dogs to adopting shelters off the Reservation
  2. increased spay/neuter effort.

Instead of rounding up the dogs, the organizations would round themselves up to work together. This is a good day to be celebrated by the Oyate and all those who work toward respect for all our relations.

Lakota Animal Care will immediately take action next week with both a spay/neuter clinic (weather permitting) as well as a relocation event in which approximately 50 dogs will be relocated to adopting shelters. Lakota Animal Care will do two such relocation events every month beginning now and going year round and will do an increased number of spay/neuter clinics, offering these first in those communities which OSLH identifies as those with greatest needs. OSLH will be helping Lakota Animal Care in their effort as we move forward with a humane and respectful solution.”

They partner with around 15 shelters and rescue groups, some in other parts of South Dakota, some in Colorado, Wyoming, and even in Minnessota. The relocation scheduled for Feb 26/27 is bound for Minnessota. They may also decide to send some of those dogs to Colorado.

We have successfully funded the relocation of the minimum number of dogs to stop the roundup, but much more help is needed to carry out spay/neuter initiatives to permanently solve this problem. If you would like to make a 100% tax deductible donation to support the sterilization program on this 2.2 acre Reservation where an estimated 15,000 dogs live, please go to this Gift that Gives MoreTM.

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by Allison Wexler, February 20, 2014