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Maria received free treatment thanks to a grant from awards grants to many groups that work to improve the lives of women with a high risk of developing breast cancer. Our grants fund programs that provide free mammograms to women in need to help detect abnormalities early on and to know they are receiving the thorough care they deserve.

Recently, awarded a grant to The American Italian Cancer Foundation, who runs a Mobile Care Clinic that allows women faced with breast cancer to create for themselves a more fearless life filled with strength and support. One of these empowered women is 62-year-old Maria.

One day, Maria was experiencing pain in her breast and immediately felt fear. As an undocumented immigrant, she felt she could not seek medical care. Thankfully, the Mobile Care Clinic offers a no-cost breast cancer-screening program that permitted Maria to get immediate medical intervention for her stage 2-breast cancer.

Another example of a woman whose life was positively impacted by our programs is 48-year-old, Lucy, who was screened and informed of her need for additional testing. She was initially frustrated to find that the wait time was two months out at a local hospital. Fortunately, Mobile Care Clinic put an end to her discouragement and utilized the services of a Patient Navigator to find Lucy and alternate and convenient location that could see her much sooner. The incredible care offered by Mobile Care Clinic made it possible for Lucy to schedule a diagnostic testing that same weekend.

To learn more about’s breast cancer programs and to see how you can help, click here.

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Published on, June 23, 2014