teams up with Rachael Ray to help shelter cats! is teaming up with celebrity chef and devoted animal advocate Rachael Ray to change the way that we look at shelter pets. Rachael and see that every animal is worthy of a forever home and we are determined to make sure that everyone else can see that as well. To ensure that every shelter pet’s beauty is evident to potential pet owners, we have created a groundbreaking new program.

Shelter Cats are Beautiful is an initiative that will host workshops for shelters around the nation to teach them the most effective methods in cat grooming and pet photography. This program will guarantee that cats are introduced to the world with their best paw forward, with the goal of increasing adoption rates for shelter cats around the country. Fortunately, we know that a great picture is a simple solution to decreasing the staggering rate of euthanasia for shelter animals. Current euthanasia rates are higher than the rate of adoptions and we believe that is an unacceptable statistic.
Mail Attachment’s signature program, One Picture Saves a Life, has saved the lives of many animals by showing what a huge difference a clear, flattering photo makes on adoption rates. In the exciting new adaption of this concept, Shelter Cats Are Beautiful, we will throw out those old blurry photos of animals behind bars and say hello to endless potential.
With the support of Rachael Ray, her new line of Nutrish cat foods, and her wonderful audience, Shelter Cats are Beautiful has the opportunity to revolutionize preconceived notions about shelter pets. is proud to be an integral part to the many cat adoptions to come.

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