provides healthy meals for Guatemalan children in need.

Every child deserves nutritious food and a safe learning environment. and Niño Esperanza (Spanish for “Child With Hope”) are making sure that Guatemalan children are no exception. nino esperanze cute girl with hat

Approximately half of the children under the age of 5 in Guatemala suffer from malnutrition. Many families fall far below the poverty line and struggle to purchase items for their basic needs. This has caused the country to enter a food crisis in which many families are forced to search through waste for their dinner. Unfortunately, when families have to focus all of their attention on survival there is little time for excelling in education and in the workforce.

In 2010, Niño Esperanza built a center for children right outside of the Guatemala City garbage dump. Nearly every day, more than 100 children visit Casa Niño Esperanza to do homework, play games, and eat a warm, nutritious meal. Before the center was created, these children were among the estimated 30,000 squatters that reside along the margins of the garbage dump. Everyday, they would scavenge in the dump for personal items, including food.nino esperanza happy kids

In June, Niño Esperanza received a check from that will be used to feed 180 children over the next few months. Without this generous donation, many of these children would be forced to skip dinner.

Unsurprisingly, injuries, illness, and deaths are all-too-common occurrences in the lives of these children. Thankfully, organizations like Niño Esperanza offer refuge. In addition to offering food and shelter, Niño Esperanza provides emotional support and academic aid. With help from organizations like, Niño Esperanza can continue to invest in the lives of Guatemala’s children.