believes it is time to find a sustainable solution to hunger. and Gardens for Health believe that the hunger problem in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi cannot be solved by food-aid packages alone. There is a more sustainable solution to hunger, and we believe that it is through educating people about nutrition. image_resize

Those who live with malnutrition have a very low chance of overcoming other ailments. In Rwanda, 40% of children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition. Gardens for Health aims to improve the health and socioeconomic status of people living with HIV/AIDS and other diseases by equipping them with a different kind of package – gardens.

Gardens for Health collaborates with rural villages to build local, community, and household-level gardens of nutritious fruits and vegetables, and provides the tools and training needed to grow their gardens into moneymaking enterprises that enrich the whole community. helps fund home gardens and home visits facilitated by Gardens for Health. These home visits serve to educate community members about nutrition. Gardens coupled with nutrition education provide a lasting solution to food insecurity. As people grow stronger, they are able to fight disease more effectively.

Take a look at this video to see Gardens for Health home visit in action.

Just $15 funds a home Garden for Health to serve a family of five. Click Here to learn More.