Let’s Halt the Ecological Crisis in Uganda


Over the past few years, the trees in Uganda have been cut down at an alarming rate. Charcoal burning and other unsustainable agricultural practices have resulted in rampant deforestation, which has led to soil degradation. Because the soil is lacking in proper nutrients, crops are failing and food has grown scarce, especially in the regions of Kamuliand and Buyende.

To address this crisis, Organic Perspectives has founded Community Reforestation Centers (CRC) throughout Eastern Uganda with the goal of planting one million trees in one year. Maintained and supervised by local farmers, each CRC raises a variety of tree saplings provided by Organic Perspectives. Each CRC plants 100,000 trees each year. Staff from Organic Perspectives train local farmers on a wide range of agroforestry technologies, including alley cropping, windbreaks, and live fencing. The staff introduces tree species that are appropriate for a given agroforestry system and trains farmers on ways to collect and cultivate native seeds.

Funding from GreaterGood.org has helped to establish a Community Reforestation Center; however, in order to reach their goal of planting one million trees, more centers are needed!

You can help restore this beautiful country’s ecological balance. Just $5.00 raises 100 saplings; click here to donate today.

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