10 Reasons Why Black is the New Orange


Here at GreaterGood, every day is National Cat Day! We work all around the world to improve the health and welfare of our feline friends in so many ways, whether it’s via support specifically for blind cats, funding basic comforts to shelter cats, or providing medical supplies for diabetic cats.

This time of year, we also want to remind you that black cats especially need our affection and admiration. Here are ten reasons why Black is the New Orange, plus a few easy ways you can help make life better for cats right now.

1. They are often the animals most in need of adoption! Despite all the stellar reasons we’re about to cite, many people still believe black cats are evil or bring about bad luck (hard to believe, but true). They are also often more challenging to photograph than other shelter animals, simply because their darker coloring can make it difficult to capture the expressiveness in their eyes.

GreaterGood’s One Picture Saves a Life program helps fund photography workshops to help shelter workers take better pictures. Click here to get involved.

We also have programs specifically designed to help shelter cats now through our Cats R Cool program. Watch the video below to learn more and click here to donate.

2. In parts of England and Ireland, a black cat cross your path signifies good fortune.

3. Black cats go with every décor!


4. Giving a cat to a bride in the English Midlands is believed to bring good luck.

5. If you love wearing black yourself, presto! No worries about cat hair showing up on your Little Black Dress.


6. In Scotland, a strange black cat arriving at your home means you may win the lottery! A stray black cat arriving on your doorstep signals prosperity.

7. They’ve inspired some pretty iconic artwork.


8. Historically, fishermen and their wives viewed black cats as good luck, with many keeping them on their ships or in their homes. Black cats became so highly valued that some could not afford them.

9. They are as prone to ennui as we all are.

10. And hey, they look like little panthers!

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