A Victory in the Fight Against Ebola

We are in the midst of the largest Ebola outbreak in history. Since the outbreak commenced, there have been over 3,000 Ebola infections and nearly 1,200 deaths in the West African country of Sierra Leone.  As their health care system struggles to deal with the onslaught of the disease, our partners at Develop Africa are providing critical aid to medical workers on the ground in Sierra Leone. While the news of the disease’s rapid spread are frightening, it is heartening to know that Develop Africa and GreaterGood are making a tangible difference.

In this video, Ebola survivor and orphan Geraldine tells how she became ill with Ebola, yet survived and was recently given a clean bill of health. She explains how her mum contracted the virus through a patient. Subsequently, four family members, including herself, became infected with Ebola. Only Geraldine survived, and she offers her testimony and gratitude here as a sign of hope to others.

Resources, specifically in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), are desperately needed to help stop this killer disease. Your support will help prevent the spread of Ebola by providing PPE for health workers. This equipment will keep them safe from the Ebola virus and helps prevent further spread of the disease. Simply click here to donate today.

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