Help Us Fund a Sustainable Water Solution For Our Friends at Bat World Sanctuary


Our partners at Bat World Sanctuary rescue, rehabilitate, and release hundreds of bats each year back into the wild. Bat World is the only accredited bat world sanctuary in the entire world as well as the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary dedicated solely to bats. Since 2010, the lake where Bat World draws their water source from has been declining rapidly and is currently expected to have only 200 days of water left.

The sanctuary’s only solution is to build their own well. This well will allow a continuous supply of fresh water to the bats, keeping them happy and healthy. This well is essential in allowing the Bat World Sanctuary to continue to care for the bats that need rehabilitation, as well as the bats whose permanent location is Bat World Sanctuary.

The unexpectedly adorable video below shows just how important that rehab work is, especially for baby bats like ‘Lil Drac!

You can help Bat World implement this simple, self-sustaining solution. Just $10 provides a 1/2 a foot of well. Donating is quick, easy, and applies to your end-of-year giving allowance on your 2014 taxes! Click here and help other like ‘Lil Drac today!