With Your Help, We’re Building a Water Well For the Bat World Sanctuary

batbuddyWe are so pleased to be starting off 2015 with the wonderful news that your support has now helped fully fund the building of an urgently-needed water well for Bat World Sanctuary in Weatherford, Texas.

Their county water supply had dwindled to an alarming 10% and thanks to your generous donations, digging the well on Bat World’s land will start next week.

Sustainable, self-sufficient solutions are important to us here at GreaterGood (see our egg-laying hen initiative as another example) and helping Bat World create access to their own, ongoing source of essential water for their endangered bat population is directly in line with that priority.

“Bat World Sanctuary could not exist without a clean and continual supply of water for the non-releasable bats who will live out their lives with us, as well as the hundreds of bats we rescue and release every year,” said Amanda Lollar, Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary. “We are profoundly grateful to every supporter who contributed to the fund for the well and saved our sanctuary from this potential crisis.”

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