Life-Saving Insulin for a Child in Need

Thanks to contributions from GreaterGood donors, over $1000 has been given to the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child (LFAC) program so far. This has helped the LFAC program reach over 15,000 children in 48 developing countries worldwide!

Diabetes Life Saving CareIn these developing countries, diabetes is a life-threatening disease for a child. Factors like poverty, lack of quality health services, and insufficient education regarding diabetes will limit a child’s chance for survival. They do not have adequate access to the appropriate care needed to control their disease. This includes insulin, syringes, and monitoring equipment to control their blood glucose levels.

With only limited resources, serious complications like blindness, amputation, or kidney failure will occur. Without access to insulin at all, a child could die in just 1 week.

However, the LFAC program is working hard to develop support for children with diabetes in order to manage their disease and prevent situations like this. They are providing required supplies while also improving local pediatric and young adult diabetes services to keep these children healthy.

Because of the way the disease is managed and controlled, there is a continuous need for insulin and syringes that will save a diabetic child’s life. Additional funding is vital for the LFAC to maintain the life-saving work they do.

With your support, children with diabetes in developing countries can stay healthy. Please click here to help provide life-saving insulin for a child in need.