A Gymnasium Floor for At-risk Youth

Nothing But Net Sports Inc. (NBN) is an organization that works with at-risk and underprivileged youth to help them develop the skills that are needed to make positive life choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They offer sports programs, free tutoring, mentorships, and a variety of other after-school activities.

Programs like this are absolutely critical for America’s youth. A recent Harvard study found that participating in after-school activities improved academic performance, promoted social development, and prevented risky behavior.

Nothing But Net Sports Inc (NBN) - fund a new court for this beneficial after school program center

Unfortunately, it is estimated that over 15 million American kids do not have a place to go after school each day. Therefore, it is crucial to fund the growth of programs like NBN to increase the number of children that receive the benefits of after-school activities.

As NBN has grown, they were recently able to acquire their own gymnasium. However, in order to safely run their program, the gymnasium floor needs to be relayed. Once the flooring project is complete, they will have a greater capacity that will allow even more children to participate and increase their positive influence.

You can provide the opportunity for more children to boost their self-development by giving a Gift That Gives More™. Click here to help NBN complete their new gymnasium floor and increase the influence of their beneficial program.