Improve the Image of Animal Adoption in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, the public perception of having a pet is incredibly low, with only about 10% of the people considering a dog or cat as part of the family. This mindset has caused adoption rates to plummet, at less than 45% for dogs and less than 30% for cats. Plus there are thousands of stray animals that wander the streets and never actually make it to a shelter.

With such an excessive amount of unwanted dogs and cats on this small island chain, animal cruelty has become prevalent and will typically go unpunished. Shelters are working hard, but still struggle to protect these animals.

Help fund Animal Shelter workshop to end animal cruelty in Puerto Rico

Fortunately, a small group of students is working to change this! They reached out to One Picture Saves a Life and asked the organization to host a workshop that would provide training specific to the needs of the shelters on the islands. Additionally, the workshop would include professional photography and marketing equipment to improve the image of rescue and adoption. This is a much needed effort in order to save thousands of animals’ lives!

However, they cannot do it alone. The welfare of these overlooked animals in Puerto Rico is in dire need of your support!

In order to get started, this initiative needs a specific amount of funding. Click here to bring this amazing workshop to animal shelters in Puerto Rico and bring an end to animal cruelty!