Thursday, April 30

Fight Hunger with Operation Sandwich

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, there are nearly 50 million Americans living in food-insecure households. This number includes almost 16 million children. Food-insecure households lack the resources to provide enough food for all members of the family which disrupts normal eating patterns.

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Wednesday, April 29

Support Nepal Earthquake Victims

The Himalayan nation of Nepal […]

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Tuesday, April 28

Education Initiatives for the Tohono O’odham Reservation

Located in Southeast Arizona, the remote District of Gu-Vo on the Tohono O’odham reservation is struggling to keep up. According to demographic data, within this group of people there is a 40% poverty rate with an average per capita income of only $7,000. It is estimated that there is a 42% unemployment rate.

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Monday, April 20

5 Programs to Support for National Autism Awareness Month

April was established as National Autism Awareness Month in 1970, and was officially recognized by Congress in 1984. This month is dedicated to educating the public about autism and how it affects the lives of millions of people. It has been shown that early screening and intervention has the ability to make a big difference in the lives of those with autism.

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Tuesday, April 14

7 Unique Ideas to Make a Difference this Earth Day

It is almost time to celebrate Earth Day! With only one Earth to call home, it is important to remember that we share it with all living creatures and plants. Because the environment is so delicate and there is some damage that cannot be undone, we all must do our part to take proper care of the planet. Here are 7 unique ideas to inspire you to make a difference this Earth Day, and every day!

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Wednesday, April 8

How Humane Education is Saving Animals

In a recent post, we introduced you to an initiative by the Soi Dog Foundation to provide humane education to children in Thailand. Along with supplying books, videos, activities, and other teaching materials to classrooms, the program trains teachers to provide specialized animal welfare education. It is designed to help the students mature into compassionate adults that will protect the animal population rather than exploit it.

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Tuesday, April 7

Protect Sumatran Tigers for Earth Day

Just on the island of Sumatra, a forested area the size of five football fields is cleared every minute! This habitat destruction, along with poaching, has plummeted the population of Sumatran tigers to only 400 and the complete extinction of the Bali and Javan tigers.

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Monday, April 6

Shelter Dogs Help Heal Veterans

Each year, a large number of United States soldiers return home with physical and emotional injuries, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This debilitating condition is estimated to affect as many as 20% of military veterans and makes the transition back to civilian life extremely difficult.

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