Tuesday, June 30

Celebrate Independence Day by Supporting Veterans

As the 4th of July approaches, we anticipate celebrating our nation’s Independence Day with parades, family picnics, and fireworks. While these festivities are a fun way to appreciate our freedom, we should also use this time to support the brave men and women who have served to protect our rights.

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Wednesday, June 24

A Special Ambulance for Elephants in Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan in India, is a popular tourist destination. One of the major attractions of the region are the elephant rides to an ancient fort. Currently about 130 elephants reside in the area in order to support this business. Sadly, the animals are required to work long hours in the desert heat for the sake of the tours.

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Tuesday, June 23

Bolivian Children Need New Shoes

In Bolivia, poverty affects over half of the nation. In fact, this developing country is the poorest in South America. Rural areas, which are heavily populated by indigenous communities, struggle the most due to limited resources and opportunities for advancement. The conditions have left the children of Bolivia in dire need of assistance. With 50 percent of the country’s children living in poverty, they are forced to grow up in make-shift houses without running water or electricity.

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Thursday, June 18

6 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

June is Adopt-A-Cat® month. This program, established by the American Humane Association, is raising awareness about the thousands of homeless cats that are waiting to be adopted from local animal shelters. If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry feline to your family, now is the time to do it! Here are 6 reasons to adopt a cat from a local animal rescue center right now.

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Wednesday, June 17

5 Ways to Celebrate the Great Outdoors

June is Great Outdoors Month. During this month, we celebrate America’s Great Outdoors and all the benefits we receive from getting outside. In order for future generations to enjoy the earth’s natural beauty, it important that we work to conserve it now. As you celebrate the great outdoors this month, consider supporting one of the following causes to conserve the great outdoors.

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Tuesday, June 16

Your Donations in Action

When Mavis was hit by a car in southern Florida, both her Tibial and Femoral were broken and required implants. Unfortunately, her pet parents could not afford the complicated surgery that was needed, and chose to leave her at the local veterinarian’s office.

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Thursday, June 11

The World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a vaquita? With only 100 of these animals left in the entire world, the vaquita is the rarest and most-endangered species of marine mammal. Because of this, you might not have the opportunity to witness these unique creatures much longer.

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Wednesday, June 10

How Saving the Rain is Saving Lives

Consuming water is absolutely vital for our health. Every system of the human body depends on water, and we can only survive approximately 3 days without it. With over 70% of the earth's surface covered in water, it may appear that there is an abundant supply available to sustain us. However, only about 0.3% of it is actually usable by humans. Because the earth is a closed system, water is a finite resource. Unfortunately, the supply of clean water is quickly decreasing.

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Tuesday, June 9

Why Monarch Butterflies Need One Million Trees

Considered the “king” of all butterflies, the monarch butterfly is likely the most recognized species in North America. With their orange and black patterned wings, they are truly beautiful creatures. Their appearance isn’t the only characteristic that makes them special though. The monarch butterflies also have a fascinating life-cycle that illustrates how amazing nature can be.

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Thursday, June 4

No More Chains for Cupid

Throughout the world, there are animals that will spend their entire lives in chains. Their existence has been limited to only a small radius, and is often accompanied by neglectful treatment. Fortunately, organizations like the Companion Animal Outreach (CAO) in Galveston, Texas are working to amend these situations. This group monitors chained dogs within the local area, and offers assistance to the dog owners to keep the animals healthy until they can be saved.

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