Bolivian Children Need New Shoes

In Bolivia, poverty affects over half of the nation. In fact, this developing country is the poorest in South America. Rural areas, which are heavily populated by indigenous communities, struggle the most due to limited resources and opportunities for advancement.

The conditions have left the children of Bolivia in dire need of assistance. With 50 percent of the country’s children living in poverty, they are forced to grow up in make-shift houses without running water or electricity.

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As their parents struggle to even afford to feed them, the food-insecure children often go without very common necessities that many of us may take for granted. This includes adequate clothing, such as shoes. With the distance to school for these rural communities typically quite great and walking as their only method of transportation, it is essential to have protection for the soles of their feet. Without shoes, children are not able to make the trek.

Unfortunately, these costs associated with attending school are just too much to handle for the families living below the poverty line. When forced to make a choice, school is pushed aside in order to provide basic needs for survival. Because of this, nearly half of Bolivian children drop out of primary school. This lack in education then perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

The situation in Bolivia has drawn the attention of Soles4Souls. This summer, they are partnering with the Believe and Dream Foundation of Bolivia to distribute a whopping 22,000 pairs of shoes to impoverished families!

Since Bolivian law prohibits the donation of used shoes, this shoe distribution project is absolutely essential. To ensure the program’s success, funds are needed to transport the shoes from warehouses in the United States to the places in Bolivia that need them most.

This is where you come in. By purchasing a Gift That Gives More™, you can help these amazing organizations reach their goal. Only $2 covers the cost of one pair of brand new shoes. For less than a cup of premium coffee, you could make a substantial difference for a child in Bolivia. Click here to provide shoes to Bolivian children and allow them to continue their education.