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Making a Difference for Children in the Philippines

As natural hazards, like typhoons and earthquakes, bombard the island nation of the Philippines, the significant effects have taken their toll on the people within the country. These situations have amplified the number of those living in poverty and led to the country having one of the highest malnutrition rates among its neighbors.

In fact, shocking recent data indicates that twenty percent of children under the age of 5 are underweight due to poor access to food. Sadly, approximately 2 million elementary school children are classified at the highest degree of malnourishment.

Making a difference for malnourished children in the Philippines through funding lunches via www.GreaterGood.org

In addition to the physical affects, hunger and malnourishment are limiting the children’s ability to learn. Without proper nutrition, there is a substantial decline in a student’s performance in school. Ultimately, this will hinder their chances of acquiring much needed qualifications that would assist in them breaking the cycle of poverty.

Fortunately, people have taken notice of this crisis. In-Visible, a London based organization, is taking action to reduce the number of impoverished children within the Philippines.

One of their areas of focus is feeding children that attend Holy Spirit Elementary School in the Philippines. While they are typically able provide a free lunch for 500 malnourished children each day, they are continually striving towards their goal of feeding all 8,000 children enrolled at the school.

Making a difference for malnourished children in the Philippines through funding lunches via www.GreaterGood.org

Happy recipients of free lunch thanks to GreaterGood and In-Visible.

Through a partnership with GreaterGood and thanks to generous donors like you, last year 58 students at the Holy Spirit Elementary School in the Philippines were fed for an entire year! With your continued support, we can surpass this number and continue to make a difference in the lives of these children.

A Gift That Gives More™ of only $32 feeds one child lunch for an entire year. Because 100% of your donation goes towards this cause, you are directly helping In-Visible supply food to even more of the student population. With these lunches being the only regular, nutritious meal many of the children receive, it is vital that the reach of this program keep expanding. Click here to learn more about how you can improve Filipino children’s learning and performance in school by funding free lunches.