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Transform a Life on International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day was established by UNESCO in 1965. Every year on September 8, schools, organizations, and communities from around the world come together to raise awareness of the 775 million people who are functionally illiterate. Through a variety of programs and events, the groups strive to bring the necessary reading and writing skills that will allow these people to manage daily living and employment tasks.

Celebrate International Literacy Day by supporting the adult literacy program on La Gonâve, Haiti via www.GreaterGood.orgOne area of focus is the remote Haitian island of La Gonâve, located off the coast of Port-au-Prince. As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, the total adult literacy rate in Haiti at less than 50%. Sadly, it is projected that the literacy rate of those over age 15 on La Gonâve is only 25% for males and only 10% for females! (Source.)

Literacy is key to building sustainable societies. Giving the people of La Gonâve the ability to read and write will empower them to transform their lives. As literate individuals, they will be more likely to sustain long-term employment, helping them end the viscous cycle of poverty. The benefit continues as they use their newly acquired knowledge to further their children’s education as well.

The advantages that come from being able to read and write has prompted La Gonâve Haiti Partnership to establish an adult literacy program. In the 3 years since the program began, over 800 adults have completed the 6 months of training. It was found that many of them did not even know how to form letters. This led the course to evolve into two phases to better meet their needs, with higher expected literacy results upon completion.

Celebrate International Literacy Day by supporting the adult literacy program on La Gonâve, Haiti via www.GreaterGood.org

Available free of charge, students are incredibly enthusiastic about attending. Men and women dress up for each class and take pride in what they are learning. After years of feeling marginalized by their communities, they now feel as if they have been given a voice.

You can commemorate International Literacy Day by supporting this valuable program. By purchasing a Gift That Gives More™, you will ensure that La Gonâve Haiti Partnership will continue to reach illiterate adults on the island. Your contribution will fund workbooks and notebooks needed for class, as well as the salaries of the dedicated educators who run each course. Click here to provide literacy training for adults on the Haitian island of La Gonâve.