How “Diaper Need” Affects Families and Babies

Diapers are an essential need for babies in the United States. Unfortunately, an estimated one in three American families experience “diaper need,” a lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy.

An inadequate amount of diapers leads to a variety of negative consequences for families and babies. For example, since most childcare facilities do not accept cloth diapers and require a day’s supply of disposable diapers in order for a baby to attend, families experiencing diaper need are unable to send their children to daycare. Without childcare, parents are unable to work or go to school, leading the cycle of poverty to continue.

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In addition, the inability to afford enough clean diapers may lead to babies remaining in soiled diapers for an extended period of time. This can lead to health risks, including painful rashes and urinary tract infections. Not only that, but the discomfort may begin to affect children’s behavior and development as well.

Diaper need is not often focused on, but it is definitely a hidden consequence of poverty. Currently, there are no government assistance programs that provide funding for diapers. They cannot be purchased with food stamps or through Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

In order to address the critical need for diapers, the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) was established. With a growing network of over 230 diaper banks nationwide, the organization is collecting, storing, and distributing free diapers to families experiencing financial hardship. By fulfilling this essential need for babies, the NDBN is providing an important link that connects families in poverty to an education, a job, and eventual self-sufficiency.

With your help, the National Diaper Bank Network can continue to support families in need. Purchasing a Gift That Gives More™ of just $9 will provide an entire week’s supply of diapers for one baby! Diapers may be small, but the need for them is great. Click here to keep babies dry and healthy with clean diapers.