Provide the Supplies Bolivian Children need to Attend School

Education is a crucial aspect to ending the cycle of poverty. Studies have shown that higher levels of education increase lifetime earnings and reduce unemployment rates. However, there can be multiple barriers to attending school for children in many countries around the world.

This is the case in Bolivia. Located in western-central South America, it is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the region. With approximately 60% of the population living under the poverty line due to widespread unemployment or underemployment, many families are simply unable to afford the necessary supplies required to send their kids to school.

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For example, in the Eliodoro Camacho province of Bolivia, numerous children drop out early, or never even start school at all. This is particularly true for girls. In fact, only about 40% of rural children of Bolivia continue their education beyond the third grade.

In order to alleviate the additional burden of purchasing school supplies that prevents families from sending children to school, the Bolivian non-profit Cree & Sueña (Believe & Dream) has stepped in to help. Based in La Paz and Seattle, the organization distributes school supplies to remote areas north of the capital city.

So far, the small towns of Puerto Carabuco, Saavedra, Mocomoco, and Omasuyos have benefited from the group’s assistance. The supplies these communities have received are essential for children to participate in local curriculums. Now with the ability to obtain an appropriate education, these kids of rural Bolivia will be motivated to find an alternative life to the poverty which they have been born.

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