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Environmental Education Scholarships for Underprivileged Youth

Each day, the actions of people around the world are making a considerable impact on the planet. It is crucial that future generations are educated about the importance of nature and our planet. Unfortunately, with the amount of technology in today’s society, the opportunities to actually connect with the outside environment have become limited.

Youth Outdoor Experience (YOE) is an organization that understands the need for youth to be taught how to form a restorative, hopeful, and healthful future. In order to accomplish this, YOE created a program where students can engage with nature, allowing them to become mindful stewards of the environment at home, in the community, and around the world.

Help teach underprivileged youth about the environment via www.GreaterGood.org

The program works by bringing students through the Sonoran Desert region of Southern Arizona. They are given a hands-on environmental education experience of the diverse ecosystem within the area. Through these incredible journey’s, the students are taught not only about environmental stewardship practices, but community action leadership as well.

While attending the program, instruction and mentorship is providing by experts in several fields, including: natural history, ecology, and sustainability. By educating these children on the importance of environmental issues, YOE is molding future leaders that will promote positive community action and development.

The Youth Outdoor Experience program is open to children of all cultural backgrounds. In order to reach youth with limited finances, GreaterGood is working with YOE to award scholarships for students in need. The scholarship will fund their expert instruction, transportation, outdoor gear, science equipment, and hiking shoes.

We currently have a goal set of $8000 to give 20 children the chance to participate in such a rewarding and educational program. By purchasing a Gift That Gives More™, you can ensure we reach our goal. Help us connect underprivileged youth with the outdoors and teach them how to heal and restore our natural environment. Click here to contribute towards these beneficial scholarships.