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How Rescued Dogs are Helping at Hospitals

A significant amount of scientific research continues to be released illustrating the healing and therapeutic effects of animals. From increasing levels of the hormone oxytocin to lowering a person’s blood pressure, interacting with animals can be very beneficial for people.

Home For Life® has created a program, called Sit*Stay*Heal, that is utilizing this healing nature while also giving rescued animals a second chance at life.

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Home For Life® is a unique shelter, providing lifetime care for cats and dogs who cannot otherwise find homes, but can still lead quality lives. Located in Star Prairie, Wisconsin, the sanctuary is designed specifically for rescued animals with special needs.

Now the rescued dogs have a new sense of purpose as they are able to give back through pet therapy.

Home For Life® begins by training the animals as certified pet therapists. Then, through the Sit*Stay*Heal program, the dogs are able to touch the lives of hospital patients and the terminally ill. Often lonely and fragile, these people include cancer patients, the mentally ill, injured soldiers, and residents of nursing homes and hospices.

The unconditional love of a dog is often just what they need during their treatments!

The Sit*Stay*Heal program began in a collaborative effort with Fairview University Hospital. It works to create and nurture a special patient-pet bond that gives a wonderful sense of comfort and healing. Volunteers and certified therapy dogs are committed to specific patients who they visit each week. This consistency provides added stability during a time when patients may be feeling unsure and insecure.

You can help ensure that the Sit*Stay*Heal program continues to bring the healing benefits of pet therapy, along with solace and joy to children and adults alike. Purchasing a Gift That Gives More™ (GTGM) will fund a pet therapy visit for a hospital or hospice patient. A GTGM through GreaterGood is an effective way to donate because 100% of your contribution will go directly towards this initiative.

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