10 Things You Didn’t Know About Education in Haiti…and How GreaterGood.org is Getting Involved!

Infographic on Haitian Education

Can you imagine being forced to go to a school that costs roughly a third of what your parents make in a year, where most teachers lack any training, you’re taught in a language you don’t speak, and teachers are allowed to hit you if you break a rule? For many Haitians, this is a reality… one that has lead to significantly low school enrollment and even lower literacy rates.

As a response to the poor quality of education in Haiti, GreaterGood.org has fully funded Lekòl Kominotè Matènwa (LKM) Model School in La Gonâve, Haiti. The LKM school is built on a foundation of values that directly target the core issues of education in Haiti.


This revolutionary school has four main principles:

  1. Children will be taught in their native tongue
  2. No corporal punishment will be used on children
  3. Instruction will be hands-on and practical
  4. Teachers will receive training they need on a monthly basis


This year alone, GreaterGood.org has supported the education of 279 Haitians; 164 primary students and 115 secondary students. We are committed to the goal of educating as many students as possible, and plan on developing the school through grade 13. So far, we have been able to teach students from kindergarten to 11th grade, and plan adding a new grade every year until we meet our goal. With the addition of all these new students, teachers are receiving fresh and innovative training and evaluations are being routinely conducted to measure success of those trainings.

Lekòl Kominotè Matènwa would not be a reality without significant donor support. Our donors have created real and impactful change in the lives of Haitian children living on La Gonâve island. Without their generous gifts, these children would go without education and perpetuate the cycle of poverty in their community. You can join their efforts and continue the growth of this incredible school by donating today.



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