5 Pets That Need Your Help…NOW!

These cats and dogs need your help to receive desperately needed life saving medical attention!

1. Tootsie

Tootsie is located in Parma, Ohio at the Parma Animal Shelter. She’s a stealthy little girl who suffers from crippling epilepsy. She is in desperate need of medication to prevent her from having seizures. She just needs ONE more donation. Donate HERE.


Tootsie has been fully funded! Thank you for your continued support of our pet emergency medical program!


2. Finch

Finch is an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix living in at the Seattle Animal Shelter in Seattle, Washington. This sweet guy loves to play fetch and snuggle but is having a hard to running around due to a torn ACL. Finch needs your help to get the treatment he needs! Donate HERE.

3. Lucy

Sierra’s Haven for New and Used Pets is home to the cutest Beagle you’ll ever meet with the most unfortunate set of circumstances you’ll ever here. Lucy was brought to the shelter after getting hit by a car. After her examination it was determined that she had wounds and abrasions on her left armpit, right shoulder and her left from and bag legs were broken. Her owners couldn’t afford her treatment so they gave her up. She needs your support to get the life saving surgery and post surgery care she needs. Give HERE.

4. The Lumber Yard Kittens

Kitty Junction shelter based in Horsham, Pennsylvania received a call about two orphaned kittens living in the local lumber yard. When their local volunteers arrived they found not two but seven little black kittens fighting for their lives. They were beyond malnourished, covered in fleas, and had multiple intestinal parasites. Kitty Junction transported them directly to their vet where they are still currently residing receiving IV fluids and other medications needed to help them survive. Their vet believes they will make a full recovery but will require supportive care by them for at least another week or two. They need your help to receive the treatment they need! Donate HERE.

5. Buddy

You’ll never meet a sweeter Hound than Buddy. Living in Quinlan, Texas this three-year-old hound mix arrived at Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue after being brutally attacked by two dogs. After loosing a lot of blood, he underwent surgery to have his toe removed. His left leg was also badly wounded and will need physical therapy to regain muscle strength. Will you help Buddy get the medical treatment he needs? Donate HERE.


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