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International Woman’s Day!


1. Help Get Her to School Safely


This program was launched in response to a brutal attack on female students in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. In 2008 men on motorcycles sprayed acid into the faces of teachers and students walking to school, specifically targeting girls wearing school uniforms. Since 2009, we’ve been able to purchase 3 busses that help to safely transport these girls to school, but the need is great and we need your help to get even more girls to school safely!



2. Help Her Ride to School

44483.gifZambia is one of the poorest countries in the world, rife with economic hardships, HIV/AIDS, and an ever increasing orphan population. These difficulties often make it a challenge to receive an education. Girls are at an even greater disadvantage not only because of pressure to support their families but travelling to and from school can be dangerous. It’s not uncommon for girls to have to walk two to three hours to get to their school, putting them at risk for harassment, sexual abuse, and exhaustion. You can help provide bikes for these girls and reduce commute time helping them get to school faster, safely.



3. Help Keep Her in School

62443.gifAfter we get girls to school, it can be difficult to keep them there. One major reason girls leave school is menstruation. Millions of women around the world go without proper menstrual hygiene management. Without access to basic resources, many girls stop going to school during menstruation, missing important learning opportunities. We are partnering with MCODE in Uganda to provide “rose kits” to keep these girls in school. These kids include reusable absorbent cloths, as well as soap and panties. By donating to this program, you can help keep girls in school all month long!



4. Help Her Get the Supplies She Needs

70802.gifOnce girls are in school, and staying in school, you can help them learn to their full potential by making sure they have the resources they need! The Zabuli Education Center helps equip girls in Afghanistan with high-caliber science equipment, but we need your help to get it there! You can help pay to ship microscopes, beakers, magnifying glasses and textbooks to these girls so they can learn to their fullest potential!


5. Help Pay for Her Schooling

The final way you can help girls is by helping to pay for their education. At GreaterGood.org we have several partnerships with schools and organizations around the world to help provide high quality education to girls in need. From Mexico, to Uganda to Thailand and everywhere in between, YOU can help get girls educated all over the world!



International Woman’s Day is such an important day to remember and we encourage you to get
involved in anyway you can!


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