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GreaterGood.org is Saving Innocent Lives in Nepal!

At GreaterGood.org, we have the difficult task of being first hand observers to atrocities against animals happening all over the world. From hoarding cases in East Texas, to dog meat trade in Asia and beyond, we are charged with the mission of bearing witness to this heartbreaking treatment of animals.

That’s why when we heard about the tragic treatment of equines (donkeys, mules and horses) in Nepal, we knew we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. In the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, equines are forced to carry overloaded saddles that create gaping wounds on their backs and legs, which often going untreated. These animals are overworked until they die from treatable and avoidable causes. The horrific treatment of these defenseless creatures made us jump into action.

Through generous support from our donors, we’ve been able to save the lives of some of these equines. We’ve worked to support the Retired Donkey Sanctuary in Nepal whose mission is to rescue these animals from cruel, abusive brick kilns in Lalitpur, Nepal. Not only does this sanctuary work to save the lives of these animals, but they also work to train and educate equine owners on proper animal care.

Fudge and Nania are two donkeys that were rescued and rehabilitated through this program. This is their story:

Fudge Fudge, a grey male donkey. He is a very healthy donkey

This grey male donkey was brought to the sanctuary after being rescued, and was treated for overgrown hooves, malnutrition and wounds. Thanks to the work of the Retired Donkey Sanctuary, he has improved remarkably and is a favorite among rescue workers for his lovable and calm demeanor.

Nania Naina with her vet technician

Nania is one of the worst cases this sanctuary has come across. A white, female donkey who was incredibly malnourished Nania was in terrible condition when she arrived at the sanctuary. Apart from being malnourished, she was also suffering from blindness, extremely overgrown hoofs, parasites and a broken left ear. Day after day her health is slowly improving and thanks to support from generous donors, she finally has the care she needs to live out a healthy, happy life.

With support from generous donors, we’ve been able to help animals like Fudge and Nania, but the job isn’t over. We need YOUR help to keep the work of the Retired Donkey Sanctuary going. Without your generous donations, and their expertise, hundreds of equines would die. Help us, help them.

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