Fly 33 Lions to Freedom

We Need Your Help to Fly 33 Lions to FreedomIn late 2015, Animal Defenders International (ADI) rescued 24 African lions in Peru and 9 African lions in Colombia from illegal circuses where they were held in situations of extreme neglect and abuse. When they were rescued, the lions were starving, most of them had the tips of their toes cut off to remove their claws, and many had their teeth smashed. Luckily, under ADI’s care, all 33 lions are recovering, but they still need a new home where they can live in peace.

Unfortunately, there are no sanctuaries in Latin America for these rescued lions, and these lions belong in Africa. That’s why GreaterGood is teaming up with ADI to transport all 33 rescued lions to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. A charter flight is the most economic, and a direct flight the least stressful way for the lions to travel to Africa. With your help, these 33 lions, who have never felt the sun on their backs or grass beneath their feet, will receive a well-deserved retirement in the African Bush.

We need your help to fund this life-changing journey, one lion at a time. Each lion needs 6900 hundred miles to get home, and just $7.25 covers 5 miles of the trip!


Read more below to learn about the lion we are currently working toward funding, and see the lions whose flights to freedom you’ve already helped fund!

Amazonas the lionness

On Deck: Kala the Lioness Cub

Location: Lima, Peru

Favorite Activity: Obsessed with soccer balls

Story: Kala had been removed from the circus from a cruelty prosecution. The only temporary facility she could be in was the zoo, but there she was attacked by another lion and lost most of her tail. Animal Defenders International (ADI) then brought her to their temporary rescue center. Kala was very shy, nervous and aggressive when she was first taken to ADI. Now she waits for her ticket to Africa, as she spends the day obsess with tires and soccer balls. Kala will be joining her family group once she gets to Africa!