Rescue Bank 10th Anniversary

Over 1 million meals successfully raised!

Thanks to YOUR help, in celebration of Rescue Bank’s 10th birthday, we reached our goal of raising 1 million meals for rescue animals in need. Not only did we meet our goal, but surpassed it with 1,161,880 meals to date and counting.

What does over 100 million meals look like?

Over 100 million meals:

  • Enough to circle the world 1.5x.
  • That’s 22 meals a minute!
  • Enough pets with full tummies of food to fill 50 football fields.
  • The fur-ever families helped would fill 3,000 acres of parking.


Because of your support, you are helping animals like Bessie the pit bull. When she was found by a Houston area rescue group, she weighed only 23.6 pounds, less than half of what a healthy pit bull should weigh. She was so weak she had to be carried out, as her poor little body failed her after only a few steps. Because Bessie’s system was not used to food, she had to be fed the tiniest amount of raw meat six to seven times a day.

Rescue Bank made it possible to provide meat donations from its salvage program at the Houston Fook Bank.  One month later, she weighed 44 pounds and was healthy enough to go to her forever home!

If you want to continue to support Rescue Bank’s effort, you can donate here.  We can’t see what the next 10 years will bring!