Help Stop Soldier Suicide

The True Battle for Soldiers

It’s heartbreaking to realize that the battle doesn’t end when military men and women come home. The sad truth today is that the number of military suicides exceeds the total number of those killed in battle – an average of 22 veterans and 1 active duty soldier a day, totaling almost 8,000 suicides a year. That means by the end of today, almost 22 soldiers will have taken their own lives.

Admitting that there’s a problem, for some, can be the toughest part of the battle. The stigma of shame associated with mental health issues and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) overtakes asking for help. While we feel pride for our loved ones, they are struggling to express what they’ve experienced while away. Instead of reaching out and talking about the problem, soldiers are choosing to end their lives to find relief. We often forget about these invisible wounds soldiers might have, which results in too many left feeling embarrassed and alone.

When Malcolm May returned home from active duty, his PTSD became a burden too deep to bare by himself. “I was at a very dark, dark eerie place in my life, where I didn’t talk to anyone about my pain”, he expressed. When Malcolm found Stop Soldier Suicide online, a nonprofit dedicated to stopping military suicide, he got the help he so desperately needed to turn his life around.




Stop Soldier Suicide helps provide a transition period for all members to ease back into everyday life. They provide a system of programs that focuses on guidance, individual needs, and helps provide all necessary resources. Just as introduction into the military comes with basic training, transitioning out of the military requires just as much work. Stop Soldier Suicide offers a tailored program for individuals that allows for a healthy healing process for the body, mind, and soul over the course of 2 years. “If not for my mentor from Stop Soldier Suicide, I would be dead … I went from fearful to fearless,” stated Malcolm.

Stop Soldier Suicide is currently fighting for the implementation of this program through the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense to address this problem for future military men and women. Making this program mandatory for those leaving the military could drastically change lives.

With your help, we can shed light onto this problem and put an end to military suicides. Malcolm’s story is just one of countless stories that had a happy ending thanks to Stop Soldier Suicide’s help. Just $5 goes towards helping a military member struggling to receive the help and care necessary. 22 lives of America’s finest is far too many, there is no reason a serviceman or woman should feel the need to take there own life. Please join our cause and help us put an end to this devastating problem by creating awareness!


by Ashlee Marinez, September 2, 2016