Save the Honey Bees!

It is very likely that something you ate today wouldn’t exist without a bee. In fact, an estimated 1/3 of the human food supply comes from bee-pollinated plants.  Unfortunately, the Bee population has been declining at an unsustainable rate due to factors such as disease, habitat loss, an increase in pesticide use and climate change. Bee Girl, a non-profit started by Sarah Red-Laird, aims to combat this by inspiring and empowering communities to conserve bees and their habitat.54d775_c0272c78f0bb4d8db42e21e922081e65

The main focus for the team at Bee Girl is providing youth outreach and education. Their program “Kids and Bees” teaches students around the country about the importance of bees and their intrinsic role in our food production system. Sarah visits pre-k through 12th grade with an engaging and fun program, complete with a bee lesson, an observational bee hive, and hands-on activities. To reach even more young minds, she puts on kid’s programs at summer camps, science museums and at the annual North American Beekeeping Conference and Tradeshow. has helped Bee Girl to fundraise these programs. Through our partnership Bee Girl was able to purchase supplies for 2016 summer camps including seeds, art supplies, journals and even a beekeeping scholarship. Now you can help too!


Engaging the youthimg_20150722_140740 is essential according to Ms. Red- Laird: “It will be up to the next generation to not only understand the importance of bees, but to take action in their conservation”. These programs not only educate, they encourage kids to continue their involvement by providing them with information, seeds, and instructions to plant bee friendly flower gardens at home, in their parks, and at their school. Ultimately Sarah Red-Laird and everyone involved at Bee Girl wants to see a new generation of beekeepers and bee-conscious individuals. As of now, only 3% of beekeepers are under the age of 40, thus it is essential to recruit more young people into the field.  Bee Girl offers an intensive five-part bee keeping course that is beneficial for all skill levels to make sure anyone who wants to learn, can.

Bee Girl also works to conserve bees in other avenues. They are currently working with farmers and ranchers to increase the bee population. Most farmers land and time is occupied by agricultural products such as cattle and crops, which leaves little attention to consider the bee population. Bee Girl helps by showing the farmers where and how to plant bee-friendly flowers, such as in between rows and under hay. Many farmers use pesticides that harm bees, so Bee Girl is helping them make pesticide free gardens to keep the Bees coming back. You can help Bee Girl provide safe bee pasture here!