Provide Much Needed Protein to Haitian Students


Doodenia is 12 years old. She attends Institut Edeline in Haiti. After her mother was unable to afford rent, she moved her family of 15 to a neighboring community which provides assistance but makes it difficult for Doodenia to make the long trek to school. On the days she does make it, Institut Edeline provides 100% of her nutrients, which is key, since her portion of the daily family meal is 1/15th of the rice or pasta prepared. With a diet almost completely void of protein, Doodenia is terribly malnourished. As a result, her health and grades suffer to the point where it is difficult for her to stay awake during class and nearly impossible to make headway on her assignments at home.

By providing egg-laying hens to Doodenia and families like hers, these young students can improve not only their health but their education. One hen can provide approximately 360 eggs per year. This kind of protein will make all the difference for Doodenia and the students of Institut Edeline working so hard to better themselves and their future through education.


Please click here to provide much needed protein to the good students of Institut Edeline. Your donation will truly change lives.