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Animals Need Your Help. There Is SO Much We Can Do Together!


Another donation secured from Rescue Bank…another happy dog ready to tell his friends!

Each year, close to 7.6 million companion animals (3.9 million dogs and 3.4 million cats) enter shelters in the U.S. The percentage of dogs entering shelters who are adopted is nearly 35%, with 31% being euthanized, and 26% who enter as strays reunited with their owners. Among cats, close to 37% are adopted, with 31% being euthanized, and less than 5% entering as strays being reunited with owners.


A group of dedicated Rescue Rebuild volunteers coming together to make big things happen for a shelter in need.

A number of GreaterGood.org Signature Programs aim to comfort companion animals during their shelter stays, in addition to working to increase their chances of being adopted. Below are highlights from these programs in 2016:

  • Our Rescue Bank program, as a result of your support, sent 400 truckloads of food to deliver more than 70 million meals to animals in need.
  • With your help, our Rescue Rebuild program renovated animal shelters in the U.S. and Mexico, recruiting over 500 people to help and logging close to 4,400 volunteer hours.
  • Thanks to your donations, the A Shot At Life program vaccinated over 47,000 dogs and cats in 471 animals shelters is all 50 states, so they can be happy and healthy as they wait for forever homes.
  • Our Pets & Vets program provided support and comfort to troops and military war dogs through shipping supplies to active duty dogs and their handlers; brought military war dogs and contractor dogs home and reunited them with their handlers or adopters; helped provide funding for active military to bring animals rescued from the field home to the U.S.; provided support for the care and training of therapeutic dogs for veterans with physical and mental injuries from service; and helped veterans with PTSD and other service related trauma find comfort through animal companionship.
  • Finally, through your selfless support, we helped hundreds of other programs raise money to support animals.



When you donate to Help Animal Now, 100% of your donation goes to assisting animals. Why not give someone the rewarding gift of helping animals this holiday season? And for a limited time, a FREE Purple Paw Plush Microfleece Hat comes with your donation of $25 or more to this Gift That Gives More™ (while supplies last).

Click here to make 2017 a great year for animals in need. Also, you can help even more by giving monthly. Simply check the ‘Monthly Subscription’ box before adding this donation to your cart to help more shelter animals, month after month.