Give the Gift of Reading. Give the Gift of Learning.

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Another happy recipient of GreaterGood.org’s Bundle of Books Signature Program!

This year while you’re out and about buying the perfect gifts for your children and loved ones, imagine a child without any books. Unfortunately, there are so many kids out there eager to read and better themselves with no books to call their own. By donating to our Bundle of Books program, you can give one of the greatest gifts of all this holiday season—the gift of learning.

Through supporting our Bundle of Books book donation program, you help provide thousands of books to thousands of children who don’t have regular access to reading materials. Through this program, you provide books to healthcare clinics, schools, community centers, daycares, book banks and food banks to strategically reach children who need books the most.

We have received tons of success stories from underserved children receiving these books, but don’t take our word for it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these beautifully handwritten (and colored!) thank you notes:

Getting to the top of our brain


Don't have books in my house-page-0

As you can see from these great notes, young readers who haven’t known the feeling of owning a loved book are thrilled when they finally do. We hope you are as inspired by these short notes as we are. If giving the gift of a book can make a child this happy (and it can), then sign me up. What a gift to be able to give such a life-changing gift!

Just $10 provides 10 books so a child in need can start a home library for the first time.

Click here to give an underserved child the gift of learning through a Bundle of Books they can call their own.