GreaterGood.org and iHeartDogs.com Award $20,000 to Help Pets and Veterans

I-Heart-Dogs-LogoPets & Vets, a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org, provides desperately needed support to active military personnel, veterans, Military War Dogs, and Military Contractor Dogs. This is done by:

  • Providing support and comfort to troops and Military War Dogs through shipping supplies to active duty dogs and their handlers
  • Bringing Military War Dogs and Contractor Dogs home and reuniting them with their handlers or adopters
  • Helping provide funding for active military to bring animals rescued from the field home to the United States
  • Providing support for care and training for therapeutic dogs for veterans with physical and mental injuries from service
  • Helping veterans with PTSD and other service related trauma find comfort through animal companionship

Through the Pets & Vets program, we have partnered with iHeartDogs.com, who raise charitable funds through sales of their Pets for Vets products, where 100% of the funding for the grants awarded were raised. This December, we are thrilled to announce $20,000 in grants awarded to the four amazing organizations listed below:



An adorable puppy rescued by Puppy Rescue Mission!

1) Puppy Rescue Mission – $5,000 Award
Puppy Rescue Mission’s (PRM) mission is to fundraise and assist in animal rescue, foster and re-homing when needed, in particular animals bonded with soldiers, especially those deployed in war zones. PRM assist with requests, logistics, administration and fundraising for the adopted stray dogs of war rescued by and bonded with soldiers. This may include vet care, supplies, transport and related issues. PRM works with or through other organizations that help our soldiers bring their companion animals home from war.



MissionK9Rescue – Another beautiful mission accomplished!

2) MissionK9Rescue – $5,000
Mission K9 Rescue is committed to all retiring Working Dogs. Our focus is to assist with adoption facilitation, rehoming, rescue from shelters, and transport to forever homes for all dogs who serve. It is our belief that these Working Dogs give everything of themselves to help mankind, and they deserve the same dedication in return.



LaShonda, a retired Marine, meets her new companion animal Noelle. Can you tell who’s smiling more? We sure can’t! Another great match by Pets for Vets.

3) Pets for Vets – $5,000
Pets for Vets provides a second chance for both our returning veterans and needy shelter dogs. These animals can make excellent companions, but might not have that chance, and our brave soldiers receive a second chance at health and happiness. The bonds of friendship formed between man and animal have the power to ease the suffering of our troops when they return from overseas.



Patriot PAWS Service Dogs. Powerful, powerful stuff. This organization is doing big things.

4) Patriot PAWS Service Dogs – $5,000
Patriot PAWS Service Dogs is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American Veterans, and others with mobile disabilities and PTS in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. Patriot PAWS intends to build partnerships with state and community organizations to help develop and support this goal.

We would like to thank iHeartDogs.com for making these important grants possible. We would also like to thank these amazing organizations for the important work they are doing for pets and veterans. We are profoundly inspired, to say the least!