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Imelda Works So Hard, Help Her Get The Education She Deserves

Imelda knows struggle more than most 13-year-old girls. Each day begins at 5 a.m. as she starts work on her family’s pig farm. Then it’s a 30 minute walk to school. Between classes, Imelda takes this walk many times in order to keep up with her duties on the farm. Only one of Imelda’s courses is in her native tongue, so she must work that much harder to keep her grades up.

79752_1000_2<Imelda wants nothing more than to become a nurse, so she can help others. Through Girls’ Voices, GreaterGood.org’s latest Signature Program, Imelda uses the power of digital media to create images and videos that can communicate her strength and potential to the world. The media that the girls create will be shared with GreaterGood’s donor network, raising money that will directly contribute to scholarship funds for girls facing financial barriers to completing secondary education.

Thanks to you, Imelda is on the way to having her schooling paid for, so she no longer has to work on the farm and can focus more time on her studies. But there is still ground to cover…

Click here to help Imelda and girls like her get the education they deserve.