Tesla Had Two Broken Legs, Let’s Help the Folks That Saved Him


Tesla healing nicely after a successful surgery!

After being struck by a car, Tesla found himself with two broken front legs and in an urgently dangerous situation. He was taken to animal services in Memphis, TN, where they practice euthanizing severely injured animals so they don’t have to endure the pain and suffering. But a stroke of good fortune was cast Tesla’s way, when Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue stepped in to save his life.

Tesla bravely faced an emergency surgery that repaired and reset the bones in his legs with plates and screws. With the procedure deemed a success, the surgeon is incredibly optimistic that Tesla will make a full recovery in two to three months, after which time he will be able to find his perfect forever home.tesla1_720

Unfortunately, Tesla’s story is not uncommon. There are countless animals in shelters and rescues who need costly operations and medical care in order to survive.

Tesla still needs ongoing medical care for his recovery Please click here to learn more.