Annie Has a Broken Pelvis, She Needs Surgery, You Can Help


Annie is going through a lot. With your help, she can return to being a happy dog full of life and health.

Annie is a cute Shih Tzu from Florida whose best trait is always giving kisses. It was after Annie was taken to Canine Castaways that x-rays revealed the need for surgery. Her pelvis is broken, and one side requires pins and plates to put it back together. On top of this, Annie has a rare parasite (Spirocerca Lupi) that could do a real number on her esophagus and heart if left untreated. Currently, she is being treated for pneumonia and will have to be medically cleared before surgery.


Somewhere along the way, sweet little Annie picked up some serious health problems. One can tell just by looking at Annie that she is ready to leave these problems behind and get back to living life to the fullest.

This could happen to any of our dogs. Let’s work together to get Annie the help she needs.

You can help. Just $20 helps little Annie receive surgery and medical treatments. Click here to give Annie her life back.