GreaterGood.org Sends AIDS Orphans to School in Zambia


Usually, orphans like Monifa can only dream of attending school in Zambia. Now that dream has become a reality.

“A good basic education itself ranks among the most effective—and cost-effective—means of HIV prevention.” – World Bank.

For Zambian children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS or other calamities, going to school is almost impossible, but thanks to your support, GreaterGood.org recently enabled three such orphans to return to their studies. One of these children is Monifa, a 13-year-old double orphan in the 6th grade. After the loss of both parents, Monifa thought bettering her life through education was no longer an option. Living in a slum with her grandmother, who is caring for 11 children and 19 grandchildren, only made this dream seem farther away.

Monifa was selected through our local partners after she scored highly on a vulnerability scale. Next, your donation dollars went to work and got her back in school. Along with this second chance is Monifa’s renewed determination to succeed. She attends school every day no matter how grueling or involved her chores may be.

Providing an AIDS orphan the opportunity of education not only changes the life of the child, it uplifts the community as a whole. Educated girls grow into educated women, and decades of research reveals that educated women have higher paying jobs—for each year of secondary education, a girl’s future earnings increase by 15 to 25%. Educated women tend to invest more in their families, which leads to healthier children and healthier communities. Educated women also play a large role in continued economic growth, as they boost both economic and agricultural productivity.

You can help Monifa, and AIDS orphans like her, continue to receive a good education. With no parents there for them, they need help from not only family but strangers like you and me. Click here to learn how you can change an entire life for so little.