Ease Willy’s Pain With Much Needed Eye and Dental Surgery


Willy is ready to get these surgeries out of the way so he can return to being 100% when playing with his kitty friends!

On Christmas Eve, Willy was found in a feral cat colony in Phoenix, AZ. He had been living on the streets nearly blind! Both of Willy’s eyes had been severely damaged from infections. One is chronically infected with limited vision, and the other needs to be removed due to infected tissue remaining in the area.

If things weren’t tough enough for Willy, when he was found it was noted how much thinner he was than other cats in his colony. This is a result of a severe dental disorder called stomatitis, which is easily curable through the removal of all teeth. While it is sad to think of Willy losing his teeth, he will be able to eat again and grow strong and healthy.

Willy is a fun guy who loves to play with his kitty friends. After his surgical procedures are complete, Willy will be ready to find the perfect forever home.


You can help! Just $10 contributes to Willy’s surgeries so he can live a pain free life and get back to playing his hardest. Click here to give Willy the chance at joy he deserves.