Duchess Lost a Leg, You Can Help Her Heal


Losing a front leg hasn’t kept Duchess from her favorite pastime—cuddling!

After being found on the streets, a nine-month-old kitten named Duchess was taken to the Cat’s Cradle cat rescue. Upon intake, it was discovered that Duchess had been bitten by another cat on her front left leg. The leg was so infected that Duchess was put on round after round of antibiotics and kept on an IV. Despite attempting all avenues to save her leg, the infection spread into the bone, causing it to deform and degenerate. The leg ultimately had to be amputated.

Duchess was a cuddle bug with four legs, and she continues to be one with three after an incredibly successful surgery. This cat has her whole life ahead of her. Let’s set her up for a great one.

You can help provide continued care for Duchess as she heals. Click here to donate.

by Jim Kober, January 2, 2017