Mango Only Knew Neglect, Let’s Show Him Big Love


Mango is ready to receive his treatments and leave the past behind.

Mango is a four-year-old male bulldog mix whose happy personality shines through the physical pain he endures. When he was brought to Escambia County Animal Shelter as a stray, it was clear he had come from a life of neglect, as he was suffering from bilateral entropion, a double eye infection, mange, a secondary bacterial skin infection, a yeast infection, and heartworms.


Mango is great with other dogs, cats, and people. Let’s be great to Mango, and show him the big love a companion animal truly deserves.

Mango possesses an all around fun and goofy nature. These traits still present in the face of such adversity is a testament to the spirit and heart of this animal. Mango’s positive attitude will make all the difference on his long road to recovery which includes eye surgery, antibiotics for his skin infection, anti-fungals to heal the yeast infection, and treatment for heartworms.

As Mango enters his new life of healing and happiness, let’s help the guy out and show him the opposite of his prior life of neglect. Click here to help Mango receive the surgeries and care he needs, so he can find the perfect forever home.


by Jim Kober, January 2, 2017