Stripes Is Fighting for His Life, Your Help Is All He Needs

stripes as a baby

Stripes as a baby. What a cutie! ❤️❤️❤️

Imagine you are a one-year-old cat named Stripes who has been with Street Cats Rescue since you were a kitten. Street Cats takes excellent care of you, and you have truly stolen the hearts of the staff who fawn over you daily. Life is good, but you feel something is missing. You have seen many of your kitty friends find forever homes. You want to be like them. You want a family to call your own.

stripes pic

A resting Stripes dreaming of his forever home. 👪😻

But before this can happen for Stripes, he will need to undergo surgery for a Diaphragmatic Hernia to save his life. Stripes has been struggling with his breathing due to his intestines and other abdominal organs pressing against his heart and lungs. Street Cats Rescue’s veterinarian is confident if Stripes receives surgery, he will have the normal life span and life of a healthy cat. Stripes is a wonderful cat who is incredibly outgoing, friendly, and loving. After a successful surgery, this guy will be scooped up by a loving family in no time.

You can help. Just $25 helps Stripes receive his life saving surgery to repair his Diaphragmatic Hernia. Click here to donate.


by Jim Kober, January 5, 2017