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All the Ways YOU Made 2016 Amazing!

8839e863-76ef-4488-a8e8-7f90202e3df4-2As we reflect on 2016, we cannot express how much your support helped us accomplish amazing things. You banded together to help people, pets, and the planet where it is most needed. Because of your efforts in 2016, we can look forward to 2017 with MORE hope and confidence. Below we have listed a number of incredible things you did to better the world, categorized by our mission to improve the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet:

1) Pets

YOUR commitment to better the lives of animals by supporting GreaterGood made it possible for more than 70 million meals to be provided to animals in shelters and rescues with the delivery of 500 truckloads of pet food. YOU helped vaccinate over 47,000 dogs and cats in 471 animal shelters in all 50 states, so they can be healthy and happy while they wait for forever homes. YOU saved 38 animal’s lives by fully funding their emergency procedures and medical treatments. YOU renovated animal shelters through our Rescue Rebuild program.



A perfect example of how your support is making a difference is Adele. After being abandoned to the streets to fend for herself, Adele was picked up and surrendered to the Humane Society of Adams County in Ohio. Her Sheltie coat was so matted that a raging skin infection caused by fleas was found beneath. Imagine going through each day like Adele, thinking no one cares…but someone did care…it was YOU!


If she could, Adele would write a hit song singing your praises!

Because of donors like YOU, Adele is now adopted! Your compassion allowed the Humane Society of Adams County to count on donated food from Rescue Bank to lower the cost of feeding in order to redirect funds to veterinary care that helped save Adele’s life. Now that she’s adopted, Adele is an important ambassador to the Humane Society. She has become a shining example of how, with a little love, a neglected animal can be taken from a bad situation and become a loving member of a new home. 

2) People 

DRW4620webYOUR dedication to better the lives of people across the globe made 2016 a big year! YOU made it possible for 3,500 boxes containing 10 care packages each to be shipped to 35,000 active duty military troops around the world. YOU provided safe transport for 100 Afghan girls to and from school every day by helping purchase a second school bus for the Mirwais Mena School in Kandahar. YOU provided 2,973 meals to Americans in need across the country. YOU fed 1,800 Burmese refugee children through the Dry Food Program at the Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand. YOU helped deliver 322,560 books to children in the United States, so they can start their own home libraries. YOU helped us grant $265,157 to 12 partners, which provided nearly 2,000 mammograms to low-income, under or uninsured women. YOU gave more than $400,000 in emergency aid for both people and animals affected by disasters.

Because of donors like YOU, deployed servicemen and women who had to celebrate their holidays away from home received care packages containing comforts and treats from home. These packages are a reminder that their service is not forgotten, and the recipients are beyond grateful. Soldiers like Linda…

Dec 2016-min

Linda enjoying the care package YOU made possible! 😊

“What a surprise!! I thank each one of you for sending me a care package. It felt so good to receive a package; it made my day more exciting. I will share with my other troops, which is a blessing for us all.” – Linda

YOUR kindness has touched deserving people across the globe, and your end-of-year gifts and donations through our Gifts That Give More™ program continue to help people through the new year.

3) Planet

YOUR commitment to the health of our planet and its various wildlife and plant species allowed us to make great strides in our conservation efforts. YOU helped send expedition teams to study habitat for conservation and restoration purposes. YOU made possible the planting of thousands of trees in deforested areas to offset carbon emissions. Because of YOU, we were able to purchase land to protect endangered animal species such as the majestic jaguar.



Esperanza’s name means “Hope” in Spanish. She is a symbol of hope for the jaguar species that you helped protect from complete extinction. Last year, your generosity made it possible to build and protect 35,000 acres of land in Northern Sonoran, Mexico, within a wildlife corridor, to provide a safe haven for her and her wildcat friends to roam unharmed.

The white area depicted in the map below shows the corridor you helped protect, strategically located just north of the existing Northern Jaguar Reserve, which hosts the northernmost known breeding population of jaguars. YOUR support allows us to continue our work in protecting this area and expand into additional areas north through 2017.


Thank YOU for making 2016 a better year. We’re ready to make 2017 a great one, stronger in our resolve than ever to improve the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet!