Chino’s Leg Has Been Broken Forever, Help Him Heal

Chino 3

Chino loves belly rubs and long walks.

Chino was surrendered by his owner to the Humane Society of Rome. The owner stated the reason for surrender was landlord issues. Upon surrender, it was noticed that Chino struggled to place any weight on his right hind leg; though he bravely tries to do it, he is unable to function under so much pain. After referral to an osteopath, it was determined that his leg had been broken for quite a while, and leg surgery was necessary.

Chino 1

A lounging Chino. Note the right hind leg. 😟

Chino is loved by everyone he meets. He gets along with all animals and humans, loves belly rubs and long walks. He needs leg surgery, so he can be adopted and enjoy those long walks again. All he truly wants is to be loved. He was dealt a bad hand in life. Together we can fix everything for Chino.

Chino 2

You can be a hero to Chino! Just $10 helps fund Chino’s leg surgery, so he can live a life free from pain. Click here to change Chino’s life.

by Jim Kober, January 9, 2017