Get Food to Severely Malnourished Kids

Invisible kids-minImagine your child being the one in five children under five-years-old in the Philippines underweight due to poor access to food. Or imagine they were one of the two million elementary school children who are severely wasted (the highest degree of malnourishment). Malnourishment to this degree leads to poor health and poor progress in school. Without the proper education, how could your child gain the skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty?


Our partners at In-Visible are working hard to feed, free of charge, all 8,000 students attending Holy Spirit School in the Philippines. So far, they are up to 500 children daily. With more funding from donors like you, they will know more success stories like that of Lalaine’s daughter.

Lalaine is a kitchen volunteer at Holy Spirit. Her daughter is enrolled in In-Visible’s feeding program. When Lalaine’s daughter entered the program as a nine-year-old, she weighed a mere 35 pounds. After one year in the program, Lalaine is overjoyed to report that her daughter now weighs 49 pounds, and that she often states how the food in the program is so delicious that she even loves the veggies! 😀


Pictured here: Lalaine’s daughter. After one year on the feeding program, she went from 35 to 49 pounds and now excels in school thanks to you and the daily nutrition she receives.

Here is a touching quote from Lalaine: “Thank you for your big heart. Thank you to all the generous people helping people in the Philippines. You are giving a lot of children a chance to achieve their goal in life because they have energy in school. I promise as a parent volunteer to always help and support the vision of In-Visible.”

For just $32, you can provide school lunches to one child for a year! Click here to learn more.


by Jim Kober, January 10, 2017