Transform Waste Into Resource on Sacred Native American Land


Bottle bricks

The Tohono O’odham Tribe in Southern Arizona has a serious plastic trash problem. This is a result of the tribe residing directly on the Mexican border which is heavily trafficked by immigration, and water bottles are discarded in abundance. There aren’t many village dumpsters, and trash is blown by wind in all directions.

A small gift of only $10 can help remove discarded plastics on this sacred land and transform them into an Earthbench built through the Peace On Earthbench Movement in partnership with the Native American Advancement Foundation and

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Tohono O’odham youth are already busy collecting bottles, stuffing them with trash, and repeating the process to create “bottle bricks”—a green building material.


The Earthbench will provide a communal space for Tohono O’odham youth to gather. In the middle of the desert, these gathering places are a blessing.

With YOUR HELP, this Earthbench can become a reality. The resulting communal gathering area will foster community interaction and collaboration, and create a place where children can share music, stories, and life as they learn and grow on the Tohono O’odham Nation. Click here to donate.

Learn more about the Peace On Earthbench Movement here. Learn more about bottle bricks here. And check out other earthbench projects here.

by Jim Kober, January 11, 2017