Save the Tasmanian Devil from Extinction!

80481_1000_2The Tasmanian Devil has fallen victim to one of the only known contagious cancers. With close to 25,000 left in the world today, their numbers are plummeting quickly. This is not good for many reasons…one being they play an important role in the wild as a top-order predator. A number of Australian species relied on the devil to perform its ecological function and eradicate invasive species. Tasmanian Devils are now extinct on mainland Australia, and have dropped to less than 10% of their historic population in Tasmania.



But there is hope. Tasmanian Devils like Lilly, the smallest of her litter, was rescued out in the open, where she was found lifeless. Through the patient care of her keepers, Lilly was bottle fed for the first months of her life. We are happy to report that she is now two-years-old and has been moved into a large breeding enclosure. Through this type of breeding, extinction can be prevented.

80481_1000_1 works with Global Wildlife Conservation and Devil Ark to save the Tasmanian Devil through a dual approach of maintaining an insurance population through captive breeding and then releasing healthy individuals back into the wild.


“Thank you!”

You can help. Just $7 provides one month of preventative healthcare for one of these amazing creatures. Click here to save the Tasmanian Devil.

by Jim Kober, January 13, 2017