Special Pals Shelter Thanks You! (And So Do We!)


Master lounger, Savannah, shows off her skills in the new Doggie Retreat!

What a lovely pic of Savannah lounging without a care in the new Doggie Retreat YOU made a reality at Special Pals Shelter in Houston, Texas.

Constant comings and goings are normal for any busy animal shelter. Special Pals is no exception. But because of YOU, Savannah and her doggie friends now have a lounge of their own, stress-free and away from loud noises and the hustle and bustle of shelter life. A space like this allows the animals to cut way down on anxiety and stress—in turn greatly increasing their chances of a quick adoption.

But dogs like Savannah weren’t our only furry friends to benefit from this latest Rescue Rebuild. Before the rebuild, the only space for cats at Special Pals was in the shelter’s lobby, with cages lining each wall. Now these great kitties spend hours running, jumping, playing, and just being cats in their new Cattie Shack!


Cattie Shack!


A daredevil about to test this great bridge! 😻

When animals have areas dedicated for running and playing, adoption rates increase by up to 25%. We never could have provided these vital areas to these loving animals without your support! ☺️️

In addition to taking in hundreds of dogs and cats each year, Special Pals offers low cost or free services for community members, and provide free education for new adopters. It is services like these that have created a healthy animal rescue environment in the greater Houston area. It’s because of you that Special Pals will now be able to help even more animals in need. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!


Rescue Rebuild Team and Their Amazing Crew of Volunteers!

Driving our truck and trailer full of tools out of Houston, I realized that my heart, too, was full. It’s full of gratitude and simply in awe by your overwhelming and generous response when we asked for your help to fund this project. You have given hope to more animals like Savannah, and to the many animals who will be coming through Specials’ door.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Bryna Donnelly
Executive Director, Rescue Rebuild