Help Dogs Rescued from Hoarding Situation

dogAs you look lovingly at your pets tonight, be thankful they found you and not a hoarding situation like the one recently broken up in rural West Virginia. Thirty-seven dogs were rescued from what Angels of Assisi is calling one of the worst neglect cases they have ever seen. The elderly owner of these dogs was diagnosed with a terminal disease, and authorities found 37 dogs on the premises living outside in unspeakable conditions. All of these dogs were terrified and emotionally scarred. They have severe skin infections, oral abscesses and infections, and many are heartworm positive.

Angels of Assisi is committed to rehabilitating these innocent animals, and GreaterGood.org is working hard to raise the funds to assist. Each dog is estimated to cost $700 to medically treat. While the dogs heal physically, the process of providing loving behavior work to build trust and confidence will be implemented by shelter staff and volunteers. Once the process is complete, each of these neglected dogs can find a forever home. These cases are heartbreaking and can often leave a person speechless. Speechless or not, each of us can act to guarantee a beautiful ending to this crushingly sad story.

You can be a hero. Just $5 helps these rescued dogs get the medical attention they desperately need. Click here to save a hoarded dog’s life.